Excerpt of the book "Writer and Engraver's Picture of Graham County's Progress Since Its Organization" (1906)


D.J. Hanna

(pages 9-11)


Thirty-seven years ago, when the locomotive, the fore-runner of civilization, had traversed Kansas only as far as Junction City, and the spirit of emigration was abroad in the eastern and central states, Hanna came with his fathers family from Randolph county, Illinois, to Clay county, Kansas. Mr. Hanna homestead in that county the farm on which he still lives. It was here that the subject of this sketch, D.J. Hanna grew to manhood.


In 1888 Mr. Hanna came west to Graham county, assumed the care and began the cultivation of his father's 800 acre farm near Bogue. He was a great success as a farmer and was the first man in the county to raise wheat on a large scale, planting one year 1600 acres to that grain.   


One September day in 1892 Mr. Mudge who had charge of the B. & M. lands in western Kansas, drove out to Mr. Hanna's farm and found him riding a drill in one of his fields.


Arrangements were then and there completed, by which Mr. Hanna took charge of the Graham county lands. It being necessary to transact business in the county seat, Mr. Hanna hired a man to take his place in the field, and drove to Hill City with Mr. Mudge that afternoon. He immediately opened an office and became engaged in the real estate business, in which he is still engaged.


Because he was instrumental in bringing Mr. Hanna to Hill City, Mr. Mudge did a three-fold service. The land company has demonstrated its approval of his business methods by retaining him as it's agent through these 14 years. Hill City's history without the name of D.J. Hanna would be like the play "Hamlet" with the part of Hamlet left out. He has been one of the most prominent factors in the upbuilding of his home town.  And Mr. Hanna's present prosperity demonstrates well that this move was not wholly unfortunate for him.


Today Mr. Hanna owns 4800 acres of Graham county land which he holds as a safe investment and not a speculation. Practically all of his land is improved, the greater part of it being planted in wheat.


His town property consists of a large, well furnished, modern hotel valued at $14,000.00,the Hanna block worth $5,000.00 the home property, which is the finest in Hill City, in addition to a number of town lots.


Mr. Hanna has always been a firm Republican and has done the party service in the local organization. His energetic work for the advancement of the section in which he resides has been appreciated and recognized by his fellow citizens.


In 1896 and 1897 he represented Graham county in the Legislature and for six years he was a member of the Republican State Central Committee.


In 1900 he was a delegate to the Republican National Convention, that nominated McKinley for the Presidency, and has served the State of Kansas four years as Lieutenant Governor and President of the Senate.


Never in his political career has D.J. Hanna been a disappointment to the people who have put their trust in him, and Graham county has reason to be proud of his official record.


And Mr. Hanna is proud of his home town and county. The reports of the great metropolitan dailies which have chronicled his arrival in their city have received their information from the hotel registers which always read: D.J. Hanna, Hill City.


Mr. Hanna is a young man, and for him as for his county the future looks exceedingly bright. David J. Hanna was married, January 1st 1905 to Miss May Keleher of Hill City.