Four HCHS students participated in the Powerlifting Meet this weekend in Russell and 3 placed. Way to go Ringnecks! 

Paige Presley:

  •  Bench 115lbs
  •  Clean 130lbs- 2nd place
  •  Squat 215lbs
  • 3rd Overall

Cody Presley:
  • Bench 245lbs- 1st place
  • Clean 235lbs
  • Squat 440lbs- 1st place
  • 1st Overall

Jadyn Walker:
  • Bench 250lbs -3rd place
  • Clean 245lbs- 3rd place
  • Squat 285lbs
  • 3rd Overall

Kaleb Atkins:
  • Bench 150lbs
  • Clean 160lbs
  • Squat 225lbs