What is the Ringneck Roost?!

  • The Ringneck Roost is the internal food panty to serve students at the HCJSHS.
  • “The Roost” has assorted food items as well as hygiene items.
  • As of right now, the food items are non-perishable goods, which means they have a longer shelf life than fresh foods. However, as the need for “The Roost” is realized and the demand grows, we will explore and hope to offer fresh food items as well (eggs, dairy products, produce, etc.).
  • The majority of the food pantry items will be packaged in an “easy to grab” sack that students can fit in their lockers or bookbags.

Why are we doing this?!

  • The purpose of the Ringneck Roost is to reduce (and hopefully eliminate) any food insecurities among the Ringneck family at the HCJSHS (“Food Insecure” means people do not know when they will have their next meal or where it will come from).
  • Even though most families are fortunate to never worry about this, several of our Ringneck family members do worry about food. This impacts their performance at school, ability to focus, and overall health (mental, emotional, and physical).
  • Accordingly, the Ringneck Family invests in caring for the collective whole!

When is this available?!

  • The plan is for food items to become available to students as soon as October 12.
  • We plan for food items to be available every Tuesday around noon (lunch time). This means students have the week to take what they need.
  • Again, the new food items will be available every Tuesday beginning 12 October 2021. We will build the food bank inventory based on student need and use.

Where is the Ringneck Roost located?

  • The Ringneck Roost is located inside the English IV classroom (Dr. Stinemetz’s classroom).
  • Just inside the room, there is a closet in the Northwest corner. This is the Ringneck Roost food pantry!
  • Students can step in, grab what they want, and go on their way.

How can I grab something from The Roost?

  • Students are welcome to stop by the Ringneck Roost and take what they need at any time.
  • If students are uncomfortable at the idea of being seen using the food pantry, they can email Dr. Stinemetz, and she will deliver a bag to the student’s locker.
  • Students can also email Dr. Stinemetz in advance to reserve a food bag for the following week!
  • Further, students can come before or after school to take what they need.

HCJSHS Ringnecks take care of their Ringneck Family!