Science Olympiad

Congratulations to the Hill City Junior High Team for placing 1st at the Regional Science Olympiad competition held in Hays.

Regional Science Olympiad Results
FHSU - Jan. 15, 2022
Team Placings:
1st Hill City (58 pts), 2nd Minneapolis (98 pts), 3rd Palco (99 pts), 4th Norton(145 pts), 5th Goodland (189pts), 6th Russell (198 pts), 7th TMP (208 pts), 8th Pratt Skyline (216 pts)
First Place
Crave The Wave(JohannaShellito/TaydemMitzner), Crime Busters(Jenna Jacobs/Clay Mitzner), Food Science(Brooke Hamel/Rylie Minium), Ornithology (Clay Mitzner/ Austin Harmon), and Storm the Castle(Vincent Zohner/Rylie Minium)
Second Place
Anatomy & Physiology(Rylie Minium/Vincent Zohner), Bio-Process Lab(Jenna Jacobs/Luke Elliott), Bridge(Sada Nelson/Brooke Hamel/Tyler Ashbaugh), Codebusters(Ryenn Cooper/Sarah Christian), Cell Biology(Taydem Mitzner/Max Blanks), Disease Detectives(Jenna Jacobs/Clay Mitzner), Electric Wright Stuff(Sada Nelson/Max Blanks), Mission Possible(Austin Harmon/Vincent Zohner), Road Scholar(Luke Elliott/Sarah Christian), and Rocks and Minerals(Clay Mitzner/Jenna Jacobs)
Third Place
Green Generation(Sarah Christian/Luke Elliott), Meteorology(Sada Nelson/Ryenn Cooper), Ping-Pong Parachute(Ryenn Cooper/Max Blanks), Solar System(Colin Owen/Johanna Shellito), and Sounds of Music(Brooke Hamel/Sada Nelson)
Other events that didn’t medal
Dynamic Planet (4th)(Taydem Mitzner/Johanna Shellito), Mouse Trap(4th)(Colin Owen/Austin Harmon), Write It Do It(5th)(Max Blanks/Vincent Zohner), Experimental Design (5th)(Taydem Mitzner/Ryenn Cooper/Johanna Shellito)

State Science Olympiad will be April 2nd in Wichita on the Wichita State Univ. campus.